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    This K&K Insurance Claims Portal is designed for the College Athletic Trainer with the hope of improving the claim workflow process, create work efficiencies and reduce the amount of paperwork.

    This portal will allow the Athletic Trainer to:

      - Submit a claim on-line using our on-line claim form. This allows for instant reporting and quickens the overall claim payment process. Once a claim is submitted, an e-mail is generated back to the Athletic Trainer confirming receipt of the claim information.

      - View Claims on-line. Using a password protected environment , Athletic Trainers can view active claims and check on status of paid claims and pending claims. Can review payments to specific Vendors as well.

      - Run loss reports at any time. Loss reports available will be summary reports by policy year or can be detailed reports by the policy year. The loss reports will be e-mailed directly to Athletic Trainer.

    K&K, along with our carrier partners, is committed to being a leader in providing quality and affordable insurance to our valued intercollegiate Athletic Medical clients. This claim portal is an innovative approach to enhance and strengthen our partnerships with our clients.
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